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“Thank you guys so much.  Not only do I feel more safe on the roads, I have had a lot of compliments on how well it fits the truck.  You guys were also extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had! Thanks again!” Cody M.
North Dakota 2012 Chevrolet 1500.
“First let me say that your packaging is amazing.  I order from a few audio equipment manufacturers and they package well too.  But the bumper was "child proof" very well packaged.  I was very pleased with the finish and the fit of the bumper - everything lined up and there was little adjustment needed.  A few quick measurements and it was ready for final bolting.  The idea of using the existing trailer hitch worked well too.  I mounted the bumper by myself.  I humped it over and they lined up with the trailer hitch bolts.  Once there, it stayed until I could start a bolt to hold it.  The lighting and wiring all worked out as well.  As I mentioned the fit was very good, good clearance between the body and the bumper returns.    I attached a few pictures.  Feel free to use them on your website. As you can see I am proud of my truck!” - R.K. – Canada
2008 GMC HD
“Thank you Bodyguard for an Awesome product. I wish I had purchased it sooner. I absolutely will spread the word. You guys are a class act and a pleasure to do business with.” Rodney T. – Texas
2005 Chevrolet HD
“Our Bodyguard bumper always turns heads. Really feel protected here in elk country.” Beverly N. – Colorado
2014 Ford SD
“Two years ago we were rear ended by a drunk driver in a Toyota Camry. We were in a 2010 Dodge dually with a Bodyguard rear bumper. The officer said the driver must have been speeding because my receiver hitch was sticking out of his sun roof! The only damage to the Bodyguard bumper was the powder coat was scratched to the metal. To say that Bodyguard is a good product is an understatement!! I also have a 2011 Dodge dually wrapped in Bodyguard products! I wouldn't run any other brand of bumpers or steps.” Will C. – Texas (and sometimes Saudi Arabia)
10-14 Dodge HD
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